Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Chapter three

Ragurata Ominigra was known as a witch. People feared her so nobody really cared when she lay bleeding in front of the house of the best judge in town.
Also when Ruth Lovepower was found killed nobody was upset. Some of her suitors thought silently "what a pity" and asked their wives when dinner would be ready.
But when the murderer attacked Richard Trotzkinor, (the local gravedigger) people got alarmed. So they called for help.
Mss. Haiku and Mr. Tamatzui had no clue about the murders going on in the small town. Mr. Tamatzui was training and Mss. Haiku was busy commenting on this.
When he took of his shirt she used the chance to get some cookies out of a hiding-place. Mr. Tamatzui did his best to ignore her.
Then they heard the call. Mr. Tamatzui wanted to head out in the same minute then he recognized the paws of his partner. He pointed to them and asked her if she wanted to transform them. Mss. Haiku glared and told him that she could not keep herself balanced while she had human feet.She jumped onto the desk to give him a presentation of her missing abilities.
Suddenly Mr. Tamatzui grabbed her. Planning to carry her to the place where the crime had taken place.
While he was putting on his coat she managed to escape out of his grip and exchanged her shoes. Mr. Tamatzui decided not to lose a word about the fact that she was wearing high heels when she told him that she was ready to leave.
It was raining when they arrived. Mss. Haiku jumped from foot to foot to take care that her high heels doesen`t get dirty because of the blood. "Well, it looks like a dead human to me" she told her partner. He nodded. Inside their minds both shook their heads as humans always died rather fast and it was useless in their opinion to find out why one of them was dead.
Both bent down to smell at the corpse. Without talking they started to follow a trace not even dogs would have found.
Dust started to rise and during a short break when they had lost the trace and had been searching for it again, Mss. Haiku saw the entrance to a gully.
She quickly opened it and climbed down.
Then she saw the man. He was wandering through the water singing "Today I have to kill and tomorrow I have to kill" he jumped up and down dancing through the water and not caring about the blood which was spilled all over his body. When she saw his axe she called her partner.
Mr. Tamatzui watched the man. Then he looked to his partner. They started discussing about what to do. Both had taken in his smell and knew that he had killed the three people in the last few days. "Its not often that you smell the blood and sweat of 4 people at once, especially with only one present" Mr. Tamatzui whispered.
They decided that Mr. Tamatzui should go close to the murderer. And carry him out to hand him to the local government. Mss. Haiku watched everything preparing to help her partner if anything unplanned happend.
But when the unexpected happend she didn't need to help. The murderer tried to attack Mr. Tamatzui but he wasn't fast enough for the reflexes of a dragon. Before he had raised his axe. The detective had already raised his gun and shot him down.
They decided to leave the corpse where it was. Supposing that the humans would realise which corpse they just had found. If they ever found him, that was.... Glad to have solved the problem they went home to have some cookies - and after a hectic day like this, i think they deserved it!

What we used and where we made the pictures:
The pictures have been made in our home in tanglewood and in Innsmouth. Innsmouth is a very well made lovecraft themed sim. The atmosphere created with prims and textures is amazing.

So the clothing.

Mr. Tamatzui:
Coat and trousers: LNL : ENILEDA EASTER HUNT GIFT -- (0 Linden)
Shirt: MHOH3 #92 - Gentleman Store : Hunter Suit (0 Linden)

Mss. Haiku:
Suit: Nachtmusik: Modern Tux Promo (10 Linden)
Paws: [DOLCE] (Cupid heart hunt)
Flats: Ingenue :: Audrei :: Raven ( 225 Lindens)
Highheels: Stiletto Moody - Silver StudSides Pump (around 1000 Linden)

Falling: Pulling Strings -We All Fall Down pose series - all poses (Lucky chair 0 Linden)
Push-up: Pulling Strings - Feel the burn poses (was a subscriber gift )
Carrying: *Kabuki *** Capture *** pbs. (Hunt gift)

We like to thank three of our friends who have been so nice to help us with this story. Aerowin Pfeffer made a great corpse. And it seems like she bought the dress from the White Armory only to fit well in this story. Arthur Wingtips was a wonderful dead gravedigger. And of course Paco Pooley. He took his job as murderer very seriously and was even willing to play without wearing his glasses! Thank you all very much, you did a great job.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Chapter two

After Mr. Tamatzui got the informations about the new case he went back to the office to collect some informations. While reading he recognized that his partner had wetened his pants by jumping into the water. He sighed and changed his clothes the second time that day.
Then he went to the spaceport to travel to a spacestation as he had to solve a case there.
After a short travel he arrived a spacestation which was located on an asteroid. He climbed into a basic spacewalker and started to search the entrance.
He parked the walker and started searching for his client.
After he had looked around for some time he found two robots which showed him the direction he had to go to.
The robots didn`t lie to him. After two minutes he found the comander of the spacestation. She introduced herself to him as "Captain Camela Carnivora". And added: "But you could call me Cam" while fluttering her eyelashes. As Mr. Tamatzui only nodded she started to explain his job to him.
She asked him to follow her to another gate. On the way she showed him the cloakroom where he got rid of his jacket. "I didn`t want any of the robots hear why you are here so we had to walk a bit away from them they hear rather good" Cam told Steven. "We have a problem on this Stations, things disappear and appear on other places than before - we lose food and we have a problem in the watersupply. Somehow we lose a lot of water and i do not know why and how. I told the robots that you are a technical inspector. This will allow you to enter all areas of the station".
Mr. Tamatzui looked to the Comander and asked "Mss. Carnivora could you show me the way to the control centre? I think that would be the best place to start the investigations". Camela bit on her lip to avoid telling Mr. Tamatzui again that he could call her Cam. She had now been alone for almost a month with the robots and a flirt would have been rather welcome. Instead she nodded. They climbed into two spacewalkers and went to an other section of the spacestation.
Mr. Tamatzui looked curious to a giant robot he saw via radio communication he asked Camela "what job has the giant robot here?" she answered "he collects soil and catches small asteroids". Mr. Tamatzui mumbled "interesting" and was glad when he entered the control section.

Before he had told the commander that he needs to be alone while investigating, so he started searching the control centre.
He didn`t need to search for a long time - He took a seat and started to read through the statistics of the spacestation.
Suddenly he heard something. He looked around carefully. Then he saw a tiny robot which was trying to hide.
Mr. Tamatzui was a bit surprised he did not have much to do with robots before and thought more of them as machines than intelligent beings. He was even more surprised when he recognized that the robot was doing its best to sneak out of the control centre secretly.
So he pretended to be very concentrated on all the stats of the spacestation.
The robot reached the door and managed to sneak out. Mr. Tamatzui stood up silently.
He watched the robot and followed it through the corridors.
After a while Mr. Tamatzui had enough of following and said loud "hello". The robot turned around quickly and moved its legs nervously.
Mr. Tamatzui kneeled to have a better look at the robot. The robot slowly came closer. "Where are you going to?" Mr. Tamatzui wanted to know. "To a friend" the robot answered. "Is your friend a robot like you?" asked the dective. The robot shaked its head - it had to shake it's full body for that as it didn't have a neck. Mr. Tamatzui raised an eyebrow and told the robot to introduce him to its friend.
The robot was first a bit unwilling but then it explained to Mr. Tamatzui that it told its friend that it won`t tell anybody about him. So Mr. Tamatzui had to use some old screws as bribes. He first had thoughed about using cookies as bribes but wasn' t sure if they would work at a robot. They made the agreement that the robot shows Mr. Tamatzui only where its friend lives. And goes away then so that its friend doesen' t know about it's betrayal.
So the robot showed Mr. Tamatzui a corner of the spacestation and pointed with a leg on a air duct. Mr. Tamatzui moved closer to it and had a look.
He saw two pink tentacles.
So he knocked. A tiny tentaclish being pressed it self out of the slits and looked with big eyes to the man. It mumbled "hello".
Mr. Tamatzui suddenly grabbed the tentaclish being and asked it threatening "Did you steal the things and did you also take the water?" The tentaclebeing squirmed in his hands and tried to get free. "Hm, i have some things in mind i could do with you" hummed Mr. Tamatzui.
He let the being fall onto the floor and it hugged his leg starting to beg not to kill it. Mr. Tamatzui patted the tentaclish thing on the head and told him to stop begging and that he won' t kill it. "I think i have seen a place you could like here, you steal the water because you need it don' t you?" he asked. The tentaclish being nodded.
Mr. Tamatzui picked the tentaclish being up and carried it to a fountain he had seen while searching for the control centre. The being did not really belive that it could live now in the fountain and put one of its tentacles carefully into the water. Mr. Tamatzui pushed the being softly into the water and it splashed happily.
Mr. Tamatzui told the being that he will talk with the commander so that it could stay at the spacestation and left. He climbed into the spacewalker again and found the comander working in the outside in her spacewalker. He told her about the being and had even the impression, that she was glad about the knowledge that she wasn t the only living being on the asteroid. He bid farewell to her and flew back to earth.
When coming to the office he found his partner Mss. Haiku making cookies. He knew she wouldn' t share the cookies with him if he would have made a comment about her paws. So he ignored them and sat down on the sofa.
Some minutes later she had put the cookies into the oven and took place next to him. She told him how it went with Uriachan Castleburner and he informed her that he had the chance to have a space love.

What we used:
We made most of the pictures at New Zion a very well designed Roleplay sim. Its build for SciFi roleplay and based on Serenity and Firefly. Its worth to have a look at the sim. But please be so kind to keep in mind that it is a roleplay sim. So if you go in the outside on the sim keep in mind its a moon and you need air supply to survive in the outside.

Used Outfits:
Mr. Tamatzui
First Suit: BlakOpal Steampunk Formal Suit For Men (0 Linden)
Second Suit: MHOH3 #92 - Gentleman Store : Hunter Suit (0 Linden)

Captain Camela Carnivora
Body suit: Omega point : Omega point suit KWZ (1 Linden)

Mss. Haiku
Dress: Miki Ceriano : **black-longT-Squareneck and skirt (happy board) (0 Linden)
Paws: Ruru@Tear [DOLCE] (Cupid heart hunt) (0 Linden)

Used Avatars:
Tiny Robot: *GN* Tiny avatar owata robo (0 Linden - seen at the fantasy faire)
Tentacle Being: Bughouse : *O'Noodle Ollipog Tiny Avatar PURPLE (300 Linden) (was an RLF Donation item at the Fantasy Faire and the RLF vendors are now at the new Bughouse Mainstore)
Big green/black Robot: Grendel's children - Replicator Pulsar Armor (150 Linden)
Giant Robot: @koubu-G@ (0 Linden lucky board)

Spaceship: Carrah Rossini - Selene Cloudhugger (2699 Linden)
Mech: londiniumgearworks : FREE Mech Suit 'The Crab' Cargo Lifter built Exclusively for and ONLY available at NEW ZION (you take the new zion teleport beam, then the maglev (the magnet train) to the dome, go out the east side of the dome complex and into the first storeroom, there is a lif there that will take you tot he level with the mech suits ) and thanks to Mikie Rhiadra for explaining that to me

Other stuff:
Bowl and Whisk: *+N3F+* Cupid Heart Hunt Gifts (0 Linden)

Friday, April 16, 2010

The crying dragon

When Urichan Castleburner left his cave at the morning of his 2768th hatchingday everything was fine.
He spread his wings and flew over the island. The winds were quite good at that day so he flew much longer than he had planned. But he knew that he would still have enough time to get a nice lass.
When he came back to his cave he thought he must be dreaming. His hoard was gone. Only his birthday lemonade was still in the cave. He started to cry for help. Then he recognized that somebody was knocking at his tail.
He nearly jumped out of his cave and stared with tearful eyes at the black dressed man. "I heard you need help" the man asked. "Yes" whimpered Urichan "my hoard is gone". The man rubbed his head thinking that he would also not want to stay with a whimpering dragon. He asked the dragon when he had seen the hoard the last time. Urichan told him everything he knew not even asking the man about his identity. After having all the informations Urichan was able to give him Mr. Tamatzui - thats the name of the man in black - mumbled that he has to speak about the case with his partner and left. Urichan drank a bit of his lemonade and flew away to find a nice high mountain to sit on and cry.
Mr. Tamatzui went back to his office, finding his partner Mss. Haiku roasting marshmallows with bare hands over the fire. He raised an eyebrow "I don`t know how often i have told you not to do that, what will happen if somebody sees what you are doing and finds out about our real nature?" he asked her. Mss. Haiku glared and answered with "last floor who will be able to look through the windows". She gave him a marshmallows while taking place at the desk intrested in hearing his news. He informed her about the crying dragon and the lost hoard so she took her cane and put on her coat. Together they went back to the dragon`s cave.
Mss. Haiku had to grin when seeing the cave from the outside. "Do you think he made that head over the cave?" she asked her partner. Then she gave Mr. Tamatzui a packet of cloth. "He made your clothes wet with his tears i thought you might like to change". Tamatzui nodded and disappeared behind a tree to change his clothes.
When he came back he found his partner at the entrance of the cave. She placed her coat on the ground and both went into the cave.
Mr. Tamatzui pointed on little traces on the floor "do you see them?". Mss. Haiku kneeled to have a better look and nodded.
They followed the traces out of the cave.
They ended near a little pond so they stared into the water and poked each other when seeing something shimmering in the water.
"I think you ll only have to wait and then you ll be able to solve the case" Mr. Tamatzui told his partner "I just got an information about a possible new case and want to find out what is it about. So we will talk later when we are both back in the office.". Miss Haiku agreed and waited for the thief to come out of the water.
She did not have to wait very long. Soon a crab came out of the water. "Greetings Crab" she said "do you know something about the gold there in the water?". The crab moved from leg to leg and tried to look innocent "noooo i don`t know anything" it said and walked away.
Mss. Haiku followed the crab and placed her cane in front of it. "Do you think it would hurt you if i poke you with the cane" she asked grinning the crab. The crab gave up and told her that it had stolen the hoard. The dragon seemed to have the habit to cry long and often and with his gluey tears he once caused that the crab had to sit on a rock two days long until its uncle found it and released it.
After a long discussion the crab was willing to bring back the hoard. It was tricky for Mss. Haiku not to laugh when seeing that the dragon's tears had glued the hoard together so that the crab was able to carry it at once.
Finally the crab placed the hoard in front of the dragoncave. Mss. Haiku told it not to steal the hoard again and threated the crab a bit just for fun then she went home to have some cookies as it was cookie time.
The crab also wanted to go home but unfortunatly it walked into a gluey spot of the hoard and got trapped. When Urichan Castleburner came home he was quite exited to see the crab. "Oh how nice i got a birthday guest" he shouted and jumped from paw to paw.
As the crab wasn t able to flee it had to listen to lots of sad dragonstories but also found out that Urichan cried so much because of thinking that he is all alone. So the crab started to visit the dragon everyday and the dragon only cried sometimes secretly.

We made most of the pictures at Insperion Gardens. A very pretty sim with a cool cave.

The outfits we used:
Mr. Tamatzui:
Suit: BlakOpal Steampunk Formal Suit For Men (0 Linden)
Mss. Haiku:
Suit: MHOH3 #92 - Gentleman Store : Hunter Suit (0 Linden)
Coat: StarChild Designs : Dillinger coat (200 Linden)
Urichan Castleburner: Isle of Wyrms : [[ Aquatic Dragon ]] (3500 Linden is sold 4 times a year)
Crab: Grendel's Children: Tiny Crab Avatar (1 Linden)