Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Chapter three

Ragurata Ominigra was known as a witch. People feared her so nobody really cared when she lay bleeding in front of the house of the best judge in town.
Also when Ruth Lovepower was found killed nobody was upset. Some of her suitors thought silently "what a pity" and asked their wives when dinner would be ready.
But when the murderer attacked Richard Trotzkinor, (the local gravedigger) people got alarmed. So they called for help.
Mss. Haiku and Mr. Tamatzui had no clue about the murders going on in the small town. Mr. Tamatzui was training and Mss. Haiku was busy commenting on this.
When he took of his shirt she used the chance to get some cookies out of a hiding-place. Mr. Tamatzui did his best to ignore her.
Then they heard the call. Mr. Tamatzui wanted to head out in the same minute then he recognized the paws of his partner. He pointed to them and asked her if she wanted to transform them. Mss. Haiku glared and told him that she could not keep herself balanced while she had human feet.She jumped onto the desk to give him a presentation of her missing abilities.
Suddenly Mr. Tamatzui grabbed her. Planning to carry her to the place where the crime had taken place.
While he was putting on his coat she managed to escape out of his grip and exchanged her shoes. Mr. Tamatzui decided not to lose a word about the fact that she was wearing high heels when she told him that she was ready to leave.
It was raining when they arrived. Mss. Haiku jumped from foot to foot to take care that her high heels doesen`t get dirty because of the blood. "Well, it looks like a dead human to me" she told her partner. He nodded. Inside their minds both shook their heads as humans always died rather fast and it was useless in their opinion to find out why one of them was dead.
Both bent down to smell at the corpse. Without talking they started to follow a trace not even dogs would have found.
Dust started to rise and during a short break when they had lost the trace and had been searching for it again, Mss. Haiku saw the entrance to a gully.
She quickly opened it and climbed down.
Then she saw the man. He was wandering through the water singing "Today I have to kill and tomorrow I have to kill" he jumped up and down dancing through the water and not caring about the blood which was spilled all over his body. When she saw his axe she called her partner.
Mr. Tamatzui watched the man. Then he looked to his partner. They started discussing about what to do. Both had taken in his smell and knew that he had killed the three people in the last few days. "Its not often that you smell the blood and sweat of 4 people at once, especially with only one present" Mr. Tamatzui whispered.
They decided that Mr. Tamatzui should go close to the murderer. And carry him out to hand him to the local government. Mss. Haiku watched everything preparing to help her partner if anything unplanned happend.
But when the unexpected happend she didn't need to help. The murderer tried to attack Mr. Tamatzui but he wasn't fast enough for the reflexes of a dragon. Before he had raised his axe. The detective had already raised his gun and shot him down.
They decided to leave the corpse where it was. Supposing that the humans would realise which corpse they just had found. If they ever found him, that was.... Glad to have solved the problem they went home to have some cookies - and after a hectic day like this, i think they deserved it!

What we used and where we made the pictures:
The pictures have been made in our home in tanglewood and in Innsmouth. Innsmouth is a very well made lovecraft themed sim. The atmosphere created with prims and textures is amazing.

So the clothing.

Mr. Tamatzui:
Coat and trousers: LNL : ENILEDA EASTER HUNT GIFT -- (0 Linden)
Shirt: MHOH3 #92 - Gentleman Store : Hunter Suit (0 Linden)

Mss. Haiku:
Suit: Nachtmusik: Modern Tux Promo (10 Linden)
Paws: [DOLCE] (Cupid heart hunt)
Flats: Ingenue :: Audrei :: Raven ( 225 Lindens)
Highheels: Stiletto Moody - Silver StudSides Pump (around 1000 Linden)

Falling: Pulling Strings -We All Fall Down pose series - all poses (Lucky chair 0 Linden)
Push-up: Pulling Strings - Feel the burn poses (was a subscriber gift )
Carrying: *Kabuki *** Capture *** pbs. (Hunt gift)

We like to thank three of our friends who have been so nice to help us with this story. Aerowin Pfeffer made a great corpse. And it seems like she bought the dress from the White Armory only to fit well in this story. Arthur Wingtips was a wonderful dead gravedigger. And of course Paco Pooley. He took his job as murderer very seriously and was even willing to play without wearing his glasses! Thank you all very much, you did a great job.


  1. Another mystery solved by our intrepid investigators, and yes, dragon are (forsooth) noted for lightening reflexes.

    Both authors, Dagmar and Steven, hats off for a job well done as per your usual unique, as well all too clever, talent(s).

    Thank you for keeping the fires burning held this ongoing saga!


    Hamlet Adjani

  2. WWwwoooW!!! Great story.. I love dragon!!! and now, they are detectives.. even more.. keep on shining Love and peace!
    Pionia Destiny

  3. what kind of cookies? ....and was there tea? i hate cliffhangers!!!!!!!!
    lotta work in this! worth it though and bet was funnnnny making it too!

  4. Wonderfully done :-) I recognized Aerowin! *giggles* About the cookies...take care with them, I've seen some hatchies grow uhm...a bit fat lately!

    Looking forward to the next story!


  5. Hi Dagmar and Steven! Thank you for your link and blog post! Very cool story and pics!! Great job!! Looking forward to upcoming posts! Both London and I loved it and thank you for using one of the LnL outfits!! :) Hugs, Lizzie and London