Friday, April 16, 2010

The crying dragon

When Urichan Castleburner left his cave at the morning of his 2768th hatchingday everything was fine.
He spread his wings and flew over the island. The winds were quite good at that day so he flew much longer than he had planned. But he knew that he would still have enough time to get a nice lass.
When he came back to his cave he thought he must be dreaming. His hoard was gone. Only his birthday lemonade was still in the cave. He started to cry for help. Then he recognized that somebody was knocking at his tail.
He nearly jumped out of his cave and stared with tearful eyes at the black dressed man. "I heard you need help" the man asked. "Yes" whimpered Urichan "my hoard is gone". The man rubbed his head thinking that he would also not want to stay with a whimpering dragon. He asked the dragon when he had seen the hoard the last time. Urichan told him everything he knew not even asking the man about his identity. After having all the informations Urichan was able to give him Mr. Tamatzui - thats the name of the man in black - mumbled that he has to speak about the case with his partner and left. Urichan drank a bit of his lemonade and flew away to find a nice high mountain to sit on and cry.
Mr. Tamatzui went back to his office, finding his partner Mss. Haiku roasting marshmallows with bare hands over the fire. He raised an eyebrow "I don`t know how often i have told you not to do that, what will happen if somebody sees what you are doing and finds out about our real nature?" he asked her. Mss. Haiku glared and answered with "last floor who will be able to look through the windows". She gave him a marshmallows while taking place at the desk intrested in hearing his news. He informed her about the crying dragon and the lost hoard so she took her cane and put on her coat. Together they went back to the dragon`s cave.
Mss. Haiku had to grin when seeing the cave from the outside. "Do you think he made that head over the cave?" she asked her partner. Then she gave Mr. Tamatzui a packet of cloth. "He made your clothes wet with his tears i thought you might like to change". Tamatzui nodded and disappeared behind a tree to change his clothes.
When he came back he found his partner at the entrance of the cave. She placed her coat on the ground and both went into the cave.
Mr. Tamatzui pointed on little traces on the floor "do you see them?". Mss. Haiku kneeled to have a better look and nodded.
They followed the traces out of the cave.
They ended near a little pond so they stared into the water and poked each other when seeing something shimmering in the water.
"I think you ll only have to wait and then you ll be able to solve the case" Mr. Tamatzui told his partner "I just got an information about a possible new case and want to find out what is it about. So we will talk later when we are both back in the office.". Miss Haiku agreed and waited for the thief to come out of the water.
She did not have to wait very long. Soon a crab came out of the water. "Greetings Crab" she said "do you know something about the gold there in the water?". The crab moved from leg to leg and tried to look innocent "noooo i don`t know anything" it said and walked away.
Mss. Haiku followed the crab and placed her cane in front of it. "Do you think it would hurt you if i poke you with the cane" she asked grinning the crab. The crab gave up and told her that it had stolen the hoard. The dragon seemed to have the habit to cry long and often and with his gluey tears he once caused that the crab had to sit on a rock two days long until its uncle found it and released it.
After a long discussion the crab was willing to bring back the hoard. It was tricky for Mss. Haiku not to laugh when seeing that the dragon's tears had glued the hoard together so that the crab was able to carry it at once.
Finally the crab placed the hoard in front of the dragoncave. Mss. Haiku told it not to steal the hoard again and threated the crab a bit just for fun then she went home to have some cookies as it was cookie time.
The crab also wanted to go home but unfortunatly it walked into a gluey spot of the hoard and got trapped. When Urichan Castleburner came home he was quite exited to see the crab. "Oh how nice i got a birthday guest" he shouted and jumped from paw to paw.
As the crab wasn t able to flee it had to listen to lots of sad dragonstories but also found out that Urichan cried so much because of thinking that he is all alone. So the crab started to visit the dragon everyday and the dragon only cried sometimes secretly.

We made most of the pictures at Insperion Gardens. A very pretty sim with a cool cave.

The outfits we used:
Mr. Tamatzui:
Suit: BlakOpal Steampunk Formal Suit For Men (0 Linden)
Mss. Haiku:
Suit: MHOH3 #92 - Gentleman Store : Hunter Suit (0 Linden)
Coat: StarChild Designs : Dillinger coat (200 Linden)
Urichan Castleburner: Isle of Wyrms : [[ Aquatic Dragon ]] (3500 Linden is sold 4 times a year)
Crab: Grendel's Children: Tiny Crab Avatar (1 Linden)


  1. hahaha - brillant! can't wait for more... really much effort for the location, the costumes and the poses... i just do love it :-)

  2. i love it... great work Mss Haiku and Mr Tamatzui!!!

  3. Well done! Another tricky case solved by Dagmar.

    Let's hope for many more fine adventures from the detecting duo and that Dagmar is able to continue to restrain her somewhat violent tendencies. KD.

  4. Thank you very much. But this blog is teamwork. So there might be written that i published it but Steven and i developed the story together and also wrote it together. I only started the blog entry as i made the pictures.

  5. "Curiouser and Curiouser" said Alice as she peeked down the rabbit hole.


  6. Very well written, I love the pictures and the crab was such a wicked touch!
    Saff xx